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Freeman – When Emerging Trends Become Best Practices – Gold Sponsor Highlight

With the world changing constantly, it’s vital to understand emerging trends. But how do trends affect you, your business, and your brand experiences?  I spoke with Erik Heitmeyer, Senior Business Development Manager, and here’s what he had to say.

Freeman has literally created a periodic table on different industry topics, called “Trend Lab.”  This cool map will take you to different articles on current and upcoming trends and is designed in a fun interactive way that won’t give you horrible flashbacks of sitting in your high school science class and smelling formaldehyde.

Erik explains that Trend Lab, is Freeman’s insight incubator offered to address challenges of an ever-changing world.   As curators of the Freeman Trend Lab, we continually mine shifts in our industry and the world at large to ensure our trend incubator stays on the pulse of innovation.  Part of that process is reviewing all lab entries, asking questions about each trend, and considering the effects on brand experiences:

  • Is this idea still current, compelling, and unique?
  • What new trends are popping up that are Trend Lab-worthy?
  • Which innovations have evolved to become best practice applications?

Click here ( to try it yourself and find the trends and insights that will work in your marketing toolbox.

Contributing writer:
Neil Adams
Business Development Manager
Bright Event Rentals
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Adrienne FisherFreeman – When Emerging Trends Become Best Practices – Gold Sponsor Highlight