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Behind the Lens – A Conversation with Katelyn Tucker

You’ve seen her at our PCMA NCC events and many other industry events around the bay area, Katelyn Tucker, Staff Photographer at Orange Photography captures the essence of our events.

A Southern California native, she has traveled the world and lived also in Chile and Peru.  When her stepfather presented Katelyn with her first camera she never looked back.  Studying photography in high school in Arizona, she went on to earn her BFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).

Events were not on her mind as she pursued her goal as a commercial studio photographer of food and products.  When a friend asked Katelyn to shoot her wedding, she knew she had found her calling and her love photographing people and groups.  Four years ago, she moved to the bay area, was introduced to Gene Hwang of Orange Photography and hired as their freelance editor.  After successfully filling an emergency need, Katelyn quickly moved up to Staff Photographer in less than a year.  While relatively new to events, she has logged 1000’s of shots at 100’s of events and learns something new every time.

Katelyn is not shy about her craft, sharing that a good shot requires lighting and composition as well as background and a purpose.  Preparation is vital to event success and this is true for your photographer.  Sometimes a survey asking questions and getting as much information in advance is key to getting a good shot.  For instance, speakers require a different lens.  The event schedule is important to ensure she is in position.  What is the intent of the photography?  Happy, serious, engaged, celebratory?  She approaches her shoots with the purpose of meeting the goals of the client.  Every event is different and may call for problem solving.  Unexpected speeches and large group shots can be a challenge, but Katelyn assures us she knows how to make it work.

PCMA NCC shoots are easy, Katelyn says, as our people never mind being asked for a “grab and grin” and don’t turn away from candid shots.  She especially enjoys meeting and interacting with our group and feels fortunate to learn something new from the education even while not necessarily relevant to her work.  Not surprisingly, Katelyn gets most of her best shots from networking at the end of an event when guests are more relaxed, comfortable and smiling!

Since 2001 Orange Photography has grown to be a leader in corporate, event and convention video and photography.  Orange has evolved and continues to expand their services, now offering unique photo booths, video solutions, head shots, drone coverage, time lapse set ups and professional event coverage running the full gamut in the bay area and nationwide.  As a 2017 Strategic Sponsor of PCMA NCC, Orange Photography captures the buzz and energy of our events for our social media, newsletter and archives.   We are deeply indebted to the time and commitment Orange Photography has given us over the years and particularly in sharing Katelyn Tucker with us in 2017.


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Adrienne FisherBehind the Lens – A Conversation with Katelyn Tucker