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The State of the Industry in the Bay Area

Anthony Mancuso, SF Travel Association

The Bay Area has seen its share of growth over the past year and its share of challenges like any other area across the country.  How is our area managing the ups and down?  I had the privilege today, of chatting with Anthony Mancuso, Manager, Convention Sales at SF Travel Association, about the state of the industry in the Bay Area.

Can you tell me about the state of the industry in the Bay Area?

Yes.  We have a strong hospitality and tourist industry surrounding us.   In San Francisco, there is so much in new supply; new boutiques hotels, new big box hotels and restaurants.   Moscone is adding more contiguous space in its expansion (set to be completed in December 2018) with state of the art facilities which will help pull larger meetings into the area.  While it may appear to have an impact on business during the building phase, this increase in venues means we have a strong vibrant community that continues to grow each year.

What about the state of things in the North Bay with the recent fires? 

I was just up there, and was amazed to see the solidarity of Napa/Sonoma as a destination.  It was great to see the camaraderie that has developed.  They are still here. Infrastructure is still intact.  They are combatting the fact that people think everything is destroyed.  But this is not true. Businesses are still intact (and open for business).

How does your job with SF Travel benefit the state of the bay?

Well, on paper, my job is to plan and promote San Francisco as THE premiere meeting destination for conferences of all sizes.  But I do so much more than that!  I foster relationships with the hotel community, I’m an event planner, I’m learning about all the new development in the city, and I am constantly educating meeting planners about how to best utilize our complimentary services.  My job benefits the Bay Area by attracting people to our amazing city from all over the world.  I want to make sure that when people plan a meeting or are just thinking about where to take vacation, that San Francisco is their top choice.  I have a passion for the challenges I am presented every day. It’s not about the numbers (getting heads in beds). It’s about people finding a home in our city like I have. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me, Anthony. 

Adrienne Fisher, CMP, CTSM
Executive Director, Corporate Events
About Face Productions, Inc.
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Adrienne FisherThe State of the Industry in the Bay Area