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A Moment With Noelle Boesenberg From Caesar’s Entertainment

Noelle Boesenberg, Caesar’s Entertainment

Resident writer, Neil Adams,  spent some time with Noelle Boesenberg from Caesar’s Entertainment recently, she shared a little about Caesar properties and the customer and event professional experience.  Here’s what she had to say.

Hey Noelle, I’ve read that Caesars Entertainment Group has been investing a lot in renovations at their properties.  Can you tell us a little bit about the new designs and what inspired some of those choices?

For our Flamingo rooms, the fully renovated rooms will feature unique, contemporary and retro-chic designs with accents that celebrate Flamingo’s rich history as the centerpiece of the Las Vegas Strip. Designed by Forrest Perkins, the rooms were inspired to sparkle like glitter and shine like champagne, with vibrant hues of gold and bright pops of flamingo pink, keeping true to the property’s character and charisma. The guestroom renovation is inspired by a fresh and modern take on the historical Flamingo, creating an authentic and vibrant atmosphere while keeping the design true to its nostalgic roots.

Yes, the Ben Siegel history is fascinating.  So tell me, I’m an event professional, and I have a lot of choices as to where to hold my meetings and events.  What can I expect to experience at Caesar’s, that I can’t get anywhere else?

Caesars Entertainment does everything to assure that the meeting planner has a perfect experience from start to finish. Meeting planners work with one sales contact and are given one contract with one food and beverage minimum, regardless of how many different venues and locations they choose from in one destination. This provides a better experience for the attendees and makes it easier for the planners. Meeting attendees can stay at Harrah’s Atlantic City, have an opening reception at Caesars Atlantic City and then have a closing party at Bally’s Atlantic City with a cocktail hour. All of these activities would count under one food and beverage minimum, under one contract and through one single sales contact. We give our meeting planners a seamless experience from start to finish.

I’m hearing more about the term, “experience design.”  What does that mean in relation to Caesar’s?

The first element in an event that embraces the Experience aspect comes from the group. It is imperative to understand the goals and objectives of what the client wants the event journey to be.

Often times the client set the tone of the event based on the invitations that have chosen.  From there we are given the charge to incorporate the experience into every aspect of the event.

We look at a sense of arrival, what the guests will be experiencing. Are they staying at the property or are the arriving by car. What time will they be arriving?  What is the natural lighting for the arriving experience.  This helps us develop ideas from specialty outfitted valet parkers based on theme to red carpet entry, to large props enveloping the theme.

Function room entrance decor, strolling entertainment are just a few aspects of the point of entry to the room. Once in the function room, lighting, sound and texture are imperative. From a lush green Jungle to a festive celebration in Paris, to beach get away. The choice of linens, chairs and dining table decor are added elements. The food can be paired with overall theme as well as specialty beverages.

The options are endless and can stretch the imagination.

There was a Facebook Live event where Gordon Ramsey recently announced he’s opening a new restaurant at Caesar’s Palace – is there going to be any difference between this new restaurant, and the others he has in Las Vegas?

Masterfully designed by Jeffrey Beers International to be an experiential and immersive destination restaurant, guests will feel transported to the studio set, as if they are participating in the globally popular television show, the 17th season of which will air during the 2017-2018 season on FOX.  With design features that are engaging to all senses and are a nod to both the red and blue teams featured on the show, the dynamic and bustling kitchen will be the centerpiece of this unique eatery to be enjoyed and appreciated from every seat in the house.

The high-energy restaurant and bar will take its cue directly from the eponymous ITV Entertainment and FOX primetime television hit seen worldwide by millions of viewers, and will shine the spotlight on many of HELL’S KITCHEN cast/chef recipes and dishes featured on the show, including many of Chef Ramsay’s signature dishes.

This has been great – thank you for chatting with me, Noelle.

Neil Adams
Director of Business Development
Blueprint Studios

Adrienne FisherA Moment With Noelle Boesenberg From Caesar’s Entertainment